Amerok in the Infernus

Amerok or "The Demon King" is the Undefeated immortal Champion of the Infernus or Hell called by most Humans. Amerok is said in Mythological Tales to fight a being the Humans call God in a Neverending Battle. They say when Amerok appears God has either been Weakened or Killed.


Amerok is Undestructable and the master of Magia. He is said to be around 30 Feet tall and can Breathe Fire and even Use the Wind to Blow down a Entire Fortress. He Wields the Mighty Homicida meaning Murder in Latin. Amerok is also known for his Unmistakable Twitch every time someone uses the Word God or anything that relates to it. Aswell as being able to turn anything to a Pile of Ash.


Bulky and Strong as a Human along with a Red mark across his arm that is almost invisible. He also has a Charming atitude and Comedic Tone to himself knowing that nothing can kill him.

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