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A Demon eating a Dead Human

Demons or "Daemons" in old Text are the single handedly most ferocious and nightmaric beings in the entire universe of Bellum. Not only are they Carnivores, but they are the Smartest and Largest of the beings on Bellum. They stand easily at a 15 - 20 ft length and are Superhumanly Strong. Thousands of Years ago during the Crusade of Justice they were Plentiful and lead by the Ancient Demon Amerok, a 25 ft Demon called the Demon King. The Daemon Legions of Amerok were slained by a Combination of three races called the "Alliance", which ended up with the Elves backstabbing the other three and killing off 70% of each of their Populations. Although Amerok still survived and is hiding in the deepest parts of Bellum, his Demon Legionaires still roam the caves and Caverns of old. Demons are usually 9000 to 10000 years old if you find one on Bellum. although most of them are 6 to 14 ft tall unlike their Original Counterparts in Infernus

Demon Gods and Slayers.Edit

The Demon Gods are plentiful. There is three although which are the Strongest and most commonly known. Chelor, the Demon god of Suicide. Gorok, the Demon god of War. And Herlor, The Demon Goddess of Trickery, Dispisement, and Death.

Demon Slayers are a Completely Different thing. The most common one is Jack GoldHound, the Slayer which was said to force Amerok back into the Infernus. He was murdered by the Elf King Yorkarlar in battle. Then there is the Dwarven King Torgof which was known for chasing a Demon who murdered his friend across the world twice. He was so brutal to the Demon that he Ripped off it's limbs one by one and then Stomped on its face for a hour before it died.

Demons and MeketaEdit

Demons are not commonly sighted on Meketa even though Worshippers are. it is said that if 50 Worshippers did a Ritual then Amerok Could Appear. although it has never happended in the past 9000 years.

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