The Frost Giant Iedas

Giants are Giagantic Foces of Nature that are said to have Made Bellum from the Ground up.

Types of GiantsEdit

Ice Giants are Giants that have are Masters of using Ice and Wind to their Power when defending their Homeland or Territory.

Fire Giants are thought of to be Demonic Giants, although have no proof, they are usually hidden in Volcanoes untill it Erupts.

Mountain Giants are Smaller then the others but are just as strong and have lived usually twice as long. They are more common to helping people brather then killing them.

Water Giants are the Masters of the Ocean, and can change to become a Fish to become a Whale. They are usually Masters of Water and control the Weather.

Giants in MeketaEdit

The only Giant ever known to even be near Meketa is Nokier, And he was a Mountain Giant. although there are only two Mountains. Karag, and Yoarf. If he is at Yoarf, Prove it yourself.

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