Steam Octopus by Alex Broeckel

Humans Fighting each other in one of their Many Wars.

Humans are the youngest and most flexible race to date on Bellum. They are also the masters of steampunk engineering and a close contender to Warfare, leaving only Orcs in front of them. Humans have fought Thousands of wars against one another but the most important one was the Meketan Gulf War which led to Meketa being found twenty years before the modern day events. 

The First to Arrive to MekedaEdit

Humans were not the First actually to arrive at Mekeda. Orcs were. They were scattered in Small Tribes waging war against one and another before the Humans arrived and almost entirely wiped them out. Making Orcs alot more Aggressive and more hateful of the Race. Then the Elves followed them and made a City at the opposite side, and eventually Dwarves found a way through their mines to Mekeda. Eventually, The Republic of Naradia were the first Humans to settle down and start killing Orcs surronding the Lands. Giving the rank of "Governer Militant" To the Codex of Naradia. Eventually, Judias Voltaras was given the Rank when he killed off the Remaining Orks infesting the landscape outside of their Capitol. Although Fifteen years later after Mekeda was discovered Judias was killed in battle, leaving his Son Eziekiel Voltaras to get the Rank being a General at the time. And thats where that ends.

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