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Orc War-Chieftain

Orcs or "Orks" are Tall, Bulky, Tribal Creatures that are extremely strong and extremely atheletic. The Orcs are not a Smart race, but they are sure as hell a Strong one. They are the Largest race but the most unintellegent one. Cause if all Orcs were united, then they would be ultimately unstoppable. Even though they arent that Smart, they are Masters of War, and their entire Culture is based off of it. Orcs are also used as Slaves by Some races, such as the Elves . Orcs were actually the Third oldest race behind Dwarves and Elves.

Orc ReligonEdit

Orcs believe in Two Gods. "Thorn" The god of Silence, Deception, and Cunning. and "Kork" The god of War, Hammers, and Looting.  Orcs believe Thorn is the Bad one and Kork is the Good one. Smaller Orks such as "Goblins" Love Thorn cause of their Smaller Size and Larger brains.

Orc RanksEdit

War Cheiftan: Strongest and Smartest Ork of the Bunch. Usually the Leader

Wargas: Giant Orks capable of even taking down entire cities in Sqauds. they are said by the Elves that they are DemiGods of Kork

Fightas: Normal Orks driven out of their Tribe to fight for their Culture. Usually they are never paid since Orks love killing and dieing.

Smartas: Orks who are Smarter then even the Warboss and even as smart as a Human is.

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