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Zeke's Ship The "DemonBane"

The Republic of Naradia or just simply called Naradia is a Human Republic with a almost unbeatable military. The most Popular generals are in the Voltaras line, where they were at the Battle of the Demons and a Voltaras saved GoldHound from being killed.


The Republic of Naradia was founded in 9000 ODB, 2000 years from the beginning of Amerok. In those 2000 years they were like the Roman Empire of their World, building massive Projects, and conquering the Strongest in the Lands. Then Amerok returned with the Demon Legions of the Infernus, and instantly almost killed 100 of Naradia's strongest Regiments or Legions.  Then Naradia sent everything they could at the Demon Legions, the battle lasted for a entire Year, but when GoldHound drove his Sword into Amerok, that showed it was all over. Amerok Screamed in Pain for once, and he was blasted into the ground back into the Infernus, and GoldHound was signed the first King of Naradia.

Important Regiments and Important BattlesEdit

1st Naradian Regiment of Foot: First Riflemen Regiment formed when they found out Gunpowder. Took place in Thirty Five thousand Battles.  Is now almost a Million Soldiers Strong and is the Star of the Naradian Military.

84th Naradian Regiment of Armor: Took place in a Battle with the 57thNRF against the Elves of Luka-Teir. The Elves were Decimated by them and their Air Support, cause none knew how to use Magia.

1stMRF: First Meketan Regiment of Foot, Some of the Strongest Meketans are in this Regiment.

1stMRA and 1stMRAR: Artillery and Armor Regiments ranking in the Thousands formed into the 1stMRF

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