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The Symbol of the Alliance Pre-Amerok

The Alliance of Races was a Combination of the Dwarves, Elves, And Men. This alliance was eventually broken on 4000 ODB when the Elf king Yorkarlar Corrupted by Amerok murdered Jack Goldhound

When will it Reform?Edit

The Alliance was formed to destroy every living Ork on the Planet. Now they are Scattered and the Alliance Rejoining is a Distant Fact. Dwarves are Stubbernly Saying No because of Honor and thinking that if they said yes it would make them look weak. Humans would most likely never agree to it being Remade cause of the major distress. And the Elves want it to be remade cause they are slowly dieing off.

Important LeadersEdit

Jack Goldhound: First King of Men. And kept in the alliance untill his Demise.

High King Yorkarlar: the High king which allowed enough time for the Humans to kill Amerok in the Battle of the Demons.

Ungar I of house Vandar: The Dwarf King of Karag which was the Most Powerful at the time, when the Elves betrayed the Humans Ungar completly left the Alliance and never mentioned it.

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